Day 9 of 2024 40 days P&F/Lenten Program.

Topic: At the instance of this prayer program, LORD, render the heavens and cause showers of blessings to pour upon us as a church.

Texts: Isaiah 64:1; Joel 2:23-24.


“Oh, that you would rend the heavens! That You would come down! That the mountains might shake at Your presence.” This was a passionate and desperate call to God by a people who desperately needed the manifestation of His presence in their unwanted situation.

We cannot embark on a long spiritual journey as this without feeling, and experiencing God’s manifest presence. That would amount to a waste of valuable resources – time, energy etc. May this not be the case for us in the name of Jesus.

So, we are praying today that God in His mercy would hear us as we would cry unto Him this season and, by our cries, He would open the heavens and pour blessings upon us; that heavens will open for power to come down to heal and to deliver; power that will move mountains and exalt valleys; power that will make way where there’s none for breakthroughs in diverse ways. We are calling on Him to render heavens so that we will experience His wonder working power in the church as never before. These hearts’ desire will be granted in the name of Jesus.

Joel 2: 23-24 records an example of what will happen when God hearkens to people’s cry and attends to them; He will in such a situation cause the heavens to open for latter rains, better than the former to come down upon them, latter rains that will lead to joyful and bountiful harvest, increase, fruitfulness, and productivity in all endeavours, in all realms of life. This is what today’s prayers will accomplish for us this season and subsequently in the name of Jesus.

Dearly beloved, let’s believe that at the instance of our prayers throughout this spiritual journey we will not only feel, but will experience the presence of the LORD and fulness of joy, everlasting pleasures at His right hand will be the attending result in the name of Jesus.

God bless you. SHALOM.

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